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Why being represented by a Modeling or Talent Agency is much better than being independent

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When an Advertising Agency, Photographer, Graphic Design, Casting Director or Corporation needs a model, the easiest thing for them to do is to pick up the phone and call a Modeling or Talent Agency.

The client knows that they will be getting real, professional models and may be willing to pay you top dollar. They also know that they’ll have to deal with the future usage issue which is good for you as a model. Rates can be doubled and tripled depending on the time and location of usage of the job.
Models often come and go. For a client using freelance or independent models, keeping track of who is available to model is just too big a burden for most companies to deal with. Instead of making one or two calls they have to advertise and deal with dozens if not hundreds of prospective models not knowing the experience level and reputation of the talent they are dealing with. Rather than going to all that trouble, they just depend on the professionals to do their legwork for them, the Modeling Agency.

Many clients, like the rest of us, like to spend as little money as possible. Many modeling gigs may be for a surprisingly short period of time. Clients will try to hire models for an hour at a time. Modeling agencies will try to keep that to a minimum by demanding a minimum fee and time period from their clients, usually, 2 -4 hours. That’s another reason that Modeling Agencies are worth their commission alone.
I have witnessed hundreds of times models not represented making 80-90 percent less money because the clients know they are vulnerable. Paying your agency 10-20 percent commission and making sure you actually are paid is a much better route to take. Plus the agency has often thousands of potential clients they can promote you to.Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.20.58 PM

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