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Craze Agency casting calls and auditions

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Craze Agency Casting Calls-New Disney Channel Sitcom, “Jessie” auditioning actors for series regulars. Debby Ryan will play the starring role of au pair Jessie.It’s A Laugh Productions, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, will begin production on a new promising family sitcom for Disney Channel titled, “Jessie” this summer, 2011. Auditions are underway for the series regulars, and additional casting will continue throughout spring 2011. Casting calls have gone out to talent in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Vancouver, and Toronto for the series regulars.


Starring Clair Danes-AS COOL AS I AM (Regional Release) Feature Film SAG Producer: Anthony Mastromauro, Judd Payne, Matt Williams start Date: May 9, 2011


Las Vegas Film- A Tamas Horvath Film A United Vision Film “What a Chance”This film will be shot with an HVX200-a camera with P2 support.  Filming is expected to take 3-5 shoot days and will start shooting in late April or early May depending on the schedules of the cast and crew after casting is completed.


Casting session For Craze Agency Talent For Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Brand TV spotsAuditions will be 5 minutes for each spot Here are the specifications…
Client: Intermountain Healthcare
Current spots are :30Rate: $700.00 Patient
$300.00 Featured Extras
$150.00 Kid Extras (cast by head shots only)Market:
Utah Buy: one year, Television & Web Shoot Date: April 13-14th, 2011 (full day)


Walmart Demo Dates: 4/16/2011 to 4/17/2011 Times: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM4 hour demoLocations: Utah, Idaho   Rate: $60 per event


Now Casting 24 Models for Stock Image Work Breakdown:

Seeking 2 Males and 2 Females from 6 Ethnicities (Caucasian, African, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Islanders, and Native Ethnicities or multi-racial)

Age: Mid 20’s – Early 60’s

Seeking 24 models in total.


Casting Models 17 years and Up Paying-The Craze Agency has been working with a Utah Photography studio out of Salt Lake City/Duchene, Utah


The Craze Agency and the Photographer will be conducting a Model Casting Call on Friday, April 8, 3:00pm- 5:30pm in Sandy, Utah. Selected Models will need to plan for a 5 minute interview/audition.


Snowbird Shoots- We have a client that is looking to do a Print Photo shoot in Utah April 17-18 Rate is $750/day for Adults. Children $300/day. Half day shoots, 2-4 hours.


Looking for Snowboarders with all different levels of experience. If you are comfortable on a Snowboard, you will be considered for the job. The children will be on a Bunny Slope.


Male or Female Brand Ambassadors ages 18-60 for Wal-Mart Frito Lay Event, UTAH, IDAHO, AND WYOMING!!! DEMO PROGRAM EVENT DETAILS
Program Name: Wal-Mart Week 8 – Frito Lay
Requirements: Standard Demonstrator, age 18-60 Paying


BOISE Casting Voice Actors. To voice various characters for an upcoming project. All casting will be done by submitting an audio file audition.Paying
Characters GUY D’ FEET- 83-year-old (middle aged for his kind) Rodent with a French accent.DEAN SUSIE- 47-year-old Dean of History. She’s an airy, sing song sort of speaker THEODORA- 55…


All Craze Markets-Disney Parks Talent Casting is seeking energetic College Students interested in the Walt Disney World® College Program.
Male and Female performers are needed to bring to life the world famous Disney Characters. Character performers play before thousands of guests each day in “meet and greets”, parades and stage shows …


Actors and Actresses wanted, Cortez, Colorado
8 part web series. Production begins in early April and ends in June. Will be shooting evenings, nights and some weekends. Extremely flexible with scheduling.
Looking for a couple of Males (mid to late 20′s) who can do some excellent fight and action scenes. Also looking for a Female (20′s)


Produced by Salty Pictures
Shooting dates are 4/20/11
Shooting in and around SLC and St. George, Utah Paying

KIDZBOP 2011 COMMERCIAL CASTING, boys and girls ages 8-14 NON-UNION
Please be advised that the is selected based on their uploaded video. IF selected, you will be flown to a casting location closest to you by the production company. Pay  $10,000


Project: University of Phoenix commercial (non Speaking principals)
Casting  Buyout info.: Unlimited versions/lifts. All forms of broadcast television including National TV, Cable, and Regional. Internet. Industrial. PR/Agency reels. 1 year. North America Pays well!


Children ages 7-11, Utah The “Scripture Stories” broadcast on the Mormon Channel has been one of the most popular (frequently accessed) programs for the last two years!  They are now casting to find children to participate.NEEDED:  Children between ages 7-11 years as of September 1, 2011.


Boise-Military Family Photo/Video Shoot,
We have a studio out of Boise, Idaho that is interested in doing a Military Family stock video/photo shoot using Male and Female Models. Non-speaking
Looking for actual Military personnel with a Uniform. It doesn’t matter if you are current or not.The shoot will be the end of this week or begin…


Utah-Looking for extras
Boys/Girls age 9-12
Adults (male/female) ages 30-50
Please email Craze


We are in need of a 2 Male actors between 5’6″ and 5’8″ with slim builds to play Megamind from the DreamWorks movie, “Megamind” for an in-store event coming up this weekend.


OMISSION Produced by Jason SteadmanWritten & Directed by Steve GreeneAuditions will be held on the Salt Lake Community College campus in Taylorsville, Utah on Thursday,


Spokane-Needing several actors for a short project film ,
Need a few people who are interested in acting for a small project that is being planned. These are non speaking roles, which will be filmed as a music video of sorts.Need are as follows-A couple (female and male)3 males and 4 females


The Biggest Loser is holding a Casting Call on March 12 in SLC!
Be part of the most inspirational show on TV. Several contestants from Utah have come to our castings and have made it on the show!


BYU Student Film Casting, Males 25-45 and Females ages 7-12, Utah
Casting session It will be held in South Salt Lake City


Casting session on Friday, February 18 from 9:00am- 10:00am for Craze Agency Talent in downtown Salt Lake City.
For Pacific Corp. (Rocky Mountain Power) Commercial Spots
Auditions will be every 5 minutes for each spot.  Great Pay
Male and Female Promo Models ages 18-35 for Las Vegas Expo
We are working with an event management company looking to hire Male and Female Promo Models ages 18-35 for an upcoming expo in Las Vegas Tuesday, March 1 & Wednesday, March 2. Paying
Utah-In a clever parody of the current “Jimmermania” frenzy, BYU’s library is creating a comedic short, one-minute promo video. This video will primarily be distributed across the BYU campus.
Two college-age males (18-26)
The University of Utah Department of Film and Media Arts announces an open casting call for this year’s student film productions. Actors of all ages and experience levels are welcome.
Prepared monologues are preferred, but cold readings will be available.
Auditions will be held i Friday, February 25 from 3-8:30 PM.
To make an appointment…
Casting Call- Men ages 20-30, Las Vegas
“The Suspect”is a dramedy about two detectives who are attempting to solve avery serious case.
Production Company: Dark Water Productions
Casting Director: Helen McCready
Project: Adept
Web instructional video
Production Company: Handstand Productions(Greg Windley)
Rates: Day Players = $500
Half Day Players = $350


Utah-Local Director is looking for a young girl from the age of 2-5 with blonde hair to imitate their six- year- old actress.
They will need to go with the Director around SLC, to parks, etc. and get some snap shots to use as “family photos” for the movie.
This is for the short film, IMAGINE,
Paul Mitchell Caper Event, a beauty/fashion/hair show.
Prep day is Feb. 8, morning-late afternoon; show dates are Feb. 9 & 10, morning-late afternoon in Las Vegas, NV.
Seeking—Models: females, 18-40, any ethnicity, any height, all types, all hair colors & textures
Audition Date: Monday, February 7, 2011 at 5:30pm in Las Vegas
Utah-We have a casting call for a Mother, Daughter, and Female friend.
Mother (Tatia), Caucasian, 20’s, blonde or light brown
Daughter (Kaia), Caucasian, 3 (or around that age), any color hair
Friend (Becky)-Female, Caucasian, 20’s, any color hair For shooting Monday, February 7th @TBA for 3 hoursAuditions for lead actress 18-25 years old. Babysitter type. Sides provided at audition. Bring Headshot and Resume.
When: Wednesday, February 2nd from 7:30-9:00pm
Auditions for a fractured commercial will be held Tuesday, February 1, at 7:00 to 9:00pm
The shoot will take place the following Saturday, February 5, at a time to be arranged with the cast.The shoot will only take 2 or 3 hours in the studio at the same location.
Ages can range from 20s to 50s
Extras needed for this Wednesday, February 2nd.
Immediate response needed.
Project: made for BYU TV feature film, THE LETTER WRITER, written and directed by Christian Vuissa, director of One Good Man and Baptist at our Barbecue.
Utah Photographer is looking for 3 High School students to photograph for their business portfolio.
(2 Females and 1 Male)
The ideal students would be involved in sports, theatre, rodeos or play a musical instrument
Major Model Casting Call- ages 5-60- Boise and surrounding areas Craze Talent only!!!
The Craze Agency has been working with a Photographer/Stock Photo and Video Studio out of Boise, Idaho. Their studio exclusively uses Craze Agency Models for their various concept shooting.
The Craze Agency and the studio will be conducting
MAJOR CASTING FOR HILTON PARK CITY PHOTO SHOOT, Adults 30-49, kids 6-7 and 12-14, Utah
Casting on Wednesday, February 2 for an upcoming Hilton shoot in Park City, Utah.
Shooting will be March 2 and 3 (Wed. and Thurs.). This will be a video and still casting, although the actual shoot is a still photo shoot.
America’s Got Talent, a network TV competition variety show. Hosted by Nick Canon, the series involves a celebrity panel of judges that provide commentary on performers of all varieties. Shooting across the U.S.
Seeking—Contestants: males & females, all ages.
Auditions Feb. 19 & 20
Las Vegas Audition”There’s Zombies Out There” CAST
STEVE age 20-30 A thin, lean, laid back security guard
Chester (Male 8-12) red-headed nerdy -Haylie ( Female age 8-12) Average looking Calvin (Male age 8-12) Average looking-Becky (Female age 8-12) Mr. Davis (Male age 20-40) A lean teacher- Zombie girl (Any Ethnicity, female age 18-30.
Male and Female Talent/Models, ages late 30’s, Utah
One of our local Utah clients will be coordinating some talent for another print ad.
They are looking to hire one Female, and one Male who can look like they’re in their later 30’s.
Fit, healthy, good acting skills a plus. Paying
Fantasy Web Series Auditions, Kids and Adults, Utah Pink Wombat Cinema announces auditions for an untitled fantasy/adventure/Comedy webseries about fantasy gaming, written and directed by Paul & Patrick Gibbs, co-creators of the hit webeseries “Manic City”.
The series will film from February to April (primarily weekends).
Boise area Female 21 -36 must be thin, beautiful, Mediterranean or Italian looking for Print Illustration modeling. Paid assignment. Also looking for thin African American male 24-40. Will be shot sometime next week. If Interested

Get a great modeling and Acting Headshot or Zed Card

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Lots of Personality!! Give them fun or serious facial and body expressions. For modeling show off all your best poses and angles. Also show variety in poses, locations and clothing for modeling, this will make you appear to be more experienced. Many people may have a similar look to you- it’s your personality that makes you standout.

Don’t be typecast- Do not dress like a specific character or look, lawyer, nurse o police officer only a swimwear model etc… You want the viewer to be able to imagine you as many different characters from one or more pictures.

Clothing choices should be simple. Avoid patterns and prints in favor of solid colors. No white or very light pastels or large logos. Simple clothing helps the viewer see you. You are not selling the clothing with your headshots or zeds cards. Also to tight of clothes or loose and layered clothes do no photograph well.

Makeup. Yes, you want to look your best for your headshot, but that doesn’t mean layers of eyes shadow and unblended blush or too bright of lipstick. If possible hire a professional makeup artist. Keep in mind, you should pay close attention to what your makeup artist does so when you go to an audition or to meet an agent you can walk in the door looking as close to your photo as possible. Men, just make sure your skin is not shiny and your lips are not chapped.

Look like your headshot. This is not a time to be a beauty queen. You need to give casting directors and clients an accurate version of yourself. Look like your everyday self but just a little better. Sometimes your little flaws will actually get you cast! Keep your current look close to your photos, if not update your photos.

What kind of work you are trying to get? Do you want to do film, commercial or modeling work? They are all shot a little different normally

Don’t show a lot of skin! Females, this means no excess cleavage unless you are doing a modeling zed card, do a few swimwear of tasteful lingerie shots if you have an amazing body. Also remember to do some headshots and a variety of looks. Guys, keep your shirts on unless it is a modeling shot for your zed card. Casting directors want to see you, but not that much of you!

Face shot or ¾ shots. ¾ shots are useful to show a casting director your body type.         This can be good if you are looking to do commercial work modeling clothes. Be careful, though.

Your eyes really need to be the strongest part of your shot. Of course your smile is    important, too, but the eyes can make or break your picture. Your eyes give you the opportunity to show the layers in your personality. Rather than thinking about the viewer looking at your picture, think about you looking at the viewer.

In a ¾ shot, your eyes can get lost. A facial shot is the best way to show your eyes and your personality…

Try to be unique and show who you are in the photo. Clients often shuffle through dozens of cards and you need to stand out in a positive way.

Printing. Make sure your great photo is printed on quality card stock and is full of vibrancy and contrast

Craze Agency Acting checklist

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Actors Checklist

1-Always bring a photo to the audition, a callback or you have met the client before. No exceptions!

2-Always bring a resume to the audition. No exceptions!

3-You must staple the resume back to back to your photo. Do not ever attend an audition without both your headshot and resume stapled back to back. One staple in each corner!

4-Always be 10-15 minutes early to your audition and make sure you have the correct address and directions to the audition. No exceptions or excuses!

5-Once at the audition look for a sign in sheet and make sure you clearly fill in the correct information if there is a sign in sheet.

6-Do not bother or ask the Casting director a lot of questions, research them before the audition.

7-If they are recording the audition they will ask you to slate. When they say “slate” look into the camera and smile and confidently say hello my name is (state your full name). They may also ask you to state the part you are playing and your agency. Do not tell them this information unless they ask for it!

8-When you are ready to perform your part find the mark or place they would like you to stand or sit (your option to stand or sit unless they specify).

9-When you start your performance only read to the person you are having the dialog with. Do not look at the camera or the casting director, client, etc. unless they are performing the scene with you.

10-Give as much eye contact as possible to the person you are reading with, even when they are reading their lines. Really listen to them and react naturally to what they say.

11-When you perform the scene; act as natural and believable as possible. You must come off as being very relaxed, comfortable and confident.

12-Really know the scene and characters inside and out. Prepare it over and over. Try to have the scene memorized, but make sure you know the lines and never break character!

13-The auditions are not practice sessions. The clients auditioning you expect you to know what you are doing and be a professional finished product. Get the training before you start attending auditions!

14-Often they will not have you do the scene more than once. If they do and they give you directions or changes really go overboard making the changes.

15-Have fun! Remember you are an entertainer. Clients do not want to hire or be around boring run of the mill talent.

16-If you receive a call back, try to look and perform the scene the same way.

17-Do not call you agent after each audition asking if you were hired or have received a call back. The agent will call you if they want to book you.

18If you accept an audition you must attend!!!! No exceptions. If you are not 100% sure you can attend, do not accept the audition, we will understand. (We usually give the client an advanced time sheet on who exactly will be at the audition and what time they are scheduled). If you are not going to be available when the job if being completed do not accept the audition.

19-Do not get discourage if they did not hire you. Every client and situation is different. The biggest key to success in this business is patience and perseverance!!!!!

20-It is your career, so practice, practice, practice, because the competition is! If you need

An Actors preperation guide before auditioning

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These are some of the questions you should answer when you prepare to perform or audition an acting scene. Be creative and try to think out of the box. Casting Directors, producers and directors respect actors who are original and creative

If you do not know the answer below just use your best judgment but make a choice. There really is not a right or wrong but just your interpretation.

By using this list below it should help you to perform and understand the acting scene much better.

Casting directors stress that you need to make and be able to perform strong choices when auditioning.

When practicing your audition do it for a friend or family and see if they are able to answer these questions by witnessing your actual performance.

Always try to remember the audience only knows what you are thinking by your actual performance. They do not have a script in front of them.

Learn to connect with the audience by being able to let them feel and understand what you are thinking and conveying.

Make a worksheet every time you audition and fill in the following questions.

What is the physical description of my character?

What is the personality like of my character?

What are my emotions?

What is the personality of the other characters in the scene?

What is our relationship?

Where is the scene taking place? Describe the setting.

What is the time of day?

What type of Film, T.V. series or Commercial is this?

What is my character trying to accomplish?

What are the other characters trying to accomplish?

What details or nuances that make sense I can add to the scene?

What is the pace of the scene?

Where are the key shifts in the scene?

Do I completely know and understand the scene?

Now see if your performance conveys these details. With this method you begin will start to understand your character and provide a much richer and interesting audition. Now go get an audition and have a blast with it! If you have further questions call us at 801-438-0067, 208-433-9511 or go online to