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Why being represented by a Modeling or Talent Agency is much better than being independent

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When an Advertising Agency, Photographer, Graphic Design, Casting Director or Corporation needs a model, the easiest thing for them to do is to pick up the phone and call a Modeling or Talent Agency.

The client knows that they will be getting real, professional models and may be willing to pay you top dollar. They also know that they’ll have to deal with the future usage issue which is good for you as a model. Rates can be doubled and tripled depending on the time and location of usage of the job.
Models often come and go. For a client using freelance or independent models, keeping track of who is available to model is just too big a burden for most companies to deal with. Instead of making one or two calls they have to advertise and deal with dozens if not hundreds of prospective models not knowing the experience level and reputation of the talent they are dealing with. Rather than going to all that trouble, they just depend on the professionals to do their legwork for them, the Modeling Agency.

Many clients, like the rest of us, like to spend as little money as possible. Many modeling gigs may be for a surprisingly short period of time. Clients will try to hire models for an hour at a time. Modeling agencies will try to keep that to a minimum by demanding a minimum fee and time period from their clients, usually, 2 -4 hours. That’s another reason that Modeling Agencies are worth their commission alone.
I have witnessed hundreds of times models not represented making 80-90 percent less money because the clients know they are vulnerable. Paying your agency 10-20 percent commission and making sure you actually are paid is a much better route to take. Plus the agency has often thousands of potential clients they can promote you to.Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.20.58 PM

If you have questions or need further advice call Craze Agency at 801-438-0067 or go to

Craze Agency Acting checklist

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Actors Checklist

1-Always bring a photo to the audition, a callback or you have met the client before. No exceptions!

2-Always bring a resume to the audition. No exceptions!

3-You must staple the resume back to back to your photo. Do not ever attend an audition without both your headshot and resume stapled back to back. One staple in each corner!

4-Always be 10-15 minutes early to your audition and make sure you have the correct address and directions to the audition. No exceptions or excuses!

5-Once at the audition look for a sign in sheet and make sure you clearly fill in the correct information if there is a sign in sheet.

6-Do not bother or ask the Casting director a lot of questions, research them before the audition.

7-If they are recording the audition they will ask you to slate. When they say “slate” look into the camera and smile and confidently say hello my name is (state your full name). They may also ask you to state the part you are playing and your agency. Do not tell them this information unless they ask for it!

8-When you are ready to perform your part find the mark or place they would like you to stand or sit (your option to stand or sit unless they specify).

9-When you start your performance only read to the person you are having the dialog with. Do not look at the camera or the casting director, client, etc. unless they are performing the scene with you.

10-Give as much eye contact as possible to the person you are reading with, even when they are reading their lines. Really listen to them and react naturally to what they say.

11-When you perform the scene; act as natural and believable as possible. You must come off as being very relaxed, comfortable and confident.

12-Really know the scene and characters inside and out. Prepare it over and over. Try to have the scene memorized, but make sure you know the lines and never break character!

13-The auditions are not practice sessions. The clients auditioning you expect you to know what you are doing and be a professional finished product. Get the training before you start attending auditions!

14-Often they will not have you do the scene more than once. If they do and they give you directions or changes really go overboard making the changes.

15-Have fun! Remember you are an entertainer. Clients do not want to hire or be around boring run of the mill talent.

16-If you receive a call back, try to look and perform the scene the same way.

17-Do not call you agent after each audition asking if you were hired or have received a call back. The agent will call you if they want to book you.

18If you accept an audition you must attend!!!! No exceptions. If you are not 100% sure you can attend, do not accept the audition, we will understand. (We usually give the client an advanced time sheet on who exactly will be at the audition and what time they are scheduled). If you are not going to be available when the job if being completed do not accept the audition.

19-Do not get discourage if they did not hire you. Every client and situation is different. The biggest key to success in this business is patience and perseverance!!!!!

20-It is your career, so practice, practice, practice, because the competition is! If you need

An Actors preperation guide before auditioning

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These are some of the questions you should answer when you prepare to perform or audition an acting scene. Be creative and try to think out of the box. Casting Directors, producers and directors respect actors who are original and creative

If you do not know the answer below just use your best judgment but make a choice. There really is not a right or wrong but just your interpretation.

By using this list below it should help you to perform and understand the acting scene much better.

Casting directors stress that you need to make and be able to perform strong choices when auditioning.

When practicing your audition do it for a friend or family and see if they are able to answer these questions by witnessing your actual performance.

Always try to remember the audience only knows what you are thinking by your actual performance. They do not have a script in front of them.

Learn to connect with the audience by being able to let them feel and understand what you are thinking and conveying.

Make a worksheet every time you audition and fill in the following questions.

What is the physical description of my character?

What is the personality like of my character?

What are my emotions?

What is the personality of the other characters in the scene?

What is our relationship?

Where is the scene taking place? Describe the setting.

What is the time of day?

What type of Film, T.V. series or Commercial is this?

What is my character trying to accomplish?

What are the other characters trying to accomplish?

What details or nuances that make sense I can add to the scene?

What is the pace of the scene?

Where are the key shifts in the scene?

Do I completely know and understand the scene?

Now see if your performance conveys these details. With this method you begin will start to understand your character and provide a much richer and interesting audition. Now go get an audition and have a blast with it! If you have further questions call us at 801-438-0067, 208-433-9511 or go online to

New Craze Agency Casting Calls

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Craze Agency Casting Calls

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Sirc Michaels Productions is casting Evil Dead: The Musical, a musical based on the cult classic film series about five college students who spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods, accidentally unleashing an evil terror. Sirc Michaels, dir. The show will be a resident production with an open-ended run beginning in Summer 2012 at the Insurgo Theater Movement at the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, NV. Seeking—Singers/Dancers/Actors: males and females, various ages, all ethnicities.


PAYING Stormglass Software is casting Stormglass, the latest online gaming Seeking—Colonel Ryan: male, 50+, British, with a plummy accent, grandfatherly, stern, with a twinkle in his eye, a child-friendly headmaster. Note: This is not just a voiceover role; it is a full video role.


utah talent/ EXTRAS NEEDED!!!!!!!!
Here’s a little about the film:
WWJD? is a feature film following a college student named Tom and his
three roommates over the course of one memorable day when they receive
a visit from an unexpected houseguest–Jesus. He washes their dishes
and goes skateboarding and miniature golfing with them

All Craze agency kids-The Gap Kids Auditions have begun!

casting models for a runway shoot for a new clothing line. Producer states: “Models will need to demonstrate with our new designs while photographers will be snapping tons of still photos.” Dawn Voncramon, casting dir.
Seeking—Models: male and female, 18-35, any ethnicity, to model new clothing line including casual home attire, bathing suits, dinner gowns, official suits and night gowns.


Grand Junction Montrose area Talent!!
Standing Sun Productions is looking to cast the following for our upcoming Christian web series “In His Steps.” We’re looking for Men (Mid 20’s – 50’s) and Women (Ages 15 – 70+)Utah National Commercial

PAYING $2000!
Oberto Beef Jerky
Rates are Non-Union $2000.00 for a 6 month tv buy and a 1 year internet buy



Utah big shoot kids 7-9
The Italian label Blauer is casting 2 girls and 2 boys as models age 7-9.
Shooting dates in Salt Lake City, Utah for one day between April 15 and 20. Times and date not set yet.
National Pay rates!


PAY IS $500!



Baby Gap Casting Call Do you think your child, baby or toddler is cute and photogenic enough to be the next GapKids model? Here is your chance to prove it!
Does your child have a smile that just lights up a room? Here is your chance to get your child noticed and win some great prizes. The grand prize



Maxim Magazine is holding a modeling competition to discover “The Maxim Gamer Girl, described as a woman who loves video games. Project description: “If you’re both a girl and a gaming enthusiast, you could have what it takes to be Maxim’s Gamer Girl of 12/13.” Casting across the U.S. Seeking—Models: females, 21+, attractive, must be legal U.S. residents & have an interest in gaming


Utah-PROPER MANORS, Season 1, Episode 1, “Welcome to Proper” (Still Seeking Roles)
PROPER MANORS, Season 1, Episode 2, “You’ve Been Warned” (Additional Roles)
Episodic SAG New Media Contract


Great stock photo client in Boise looking for attractive males and females 18-35 for stock video shoots coming up. Pay is $40 per hour shoots generally run 2-4 hours.
If you have a fairly flexible schedule.

Seeking—Female Dancers: 18-29, high energy and physically fit. Producer states: “The show is located on the beautiful tropical island of Guam. If you are looking to work in a tropical island paradise, this is the place.” Performers will be cast via video submissions only. To be considered, email pix & résumés, full body shot, and a link to your dance reel to Competitive pay, plus paid rehearsals, housing, and round-trip airfare provided.


New SAG film Utah Paying
Producers: Maral Djerejian
Title : Three Days in Vegas
Casting Director: Jeff Johnson
Rates: SAG Regular Budget
Dates : april 30‐June 3
Audition Dates:This week
Casting in SLC
Genre: Action/Comedy
Notes: This movie is being shot for the Russian Market
1 Junior 18‐35 African American big guy and not to bright.(there is no lines so send me in
anybody and everybody.
2 dexter Male 30‐40 yrs old Nerdy, Someone you would not think could be a serial killer but
3 Oxana 25‐30 Gorgoues blonde with Russian Accent needs to be willing to do a photo
shoot with pastys and a g‐string, Have them wear bikini under clothes so we can
see there body
4 Waiter Vegas Room Service waiter Male any ethnicity 20‐35
5 Salesman Male 25‐45 a typical redneck with a beard, long hair, Working at a gas station
6 Cleaning Lady Hispanic or Asian 20‐40yrs old Female , Listening to Music on her ipod.(no lInes)
7 Biker bad ass biker wearing leather, NO Lines need a real biker. Who owns his own
Harley and willing to smoke a cigar. Have him bring a photo of his Motorcycle(NO
8 Black cop African American Male Cop 30’s‐40’s , Gets a little upset when someone puts
money in his belt as if he was a stripper
9 Tranny Male 25‐50 Dressed in drag. Very Manly
10 Blonde Policewoman Female gorgoues in a sexy cop Uniform. Needs to Dress very sexy and perform a
strip tease. Have them wear a bikini or something under there clothes, No nudity
but need someone who is comfortable with a a strip tease and wearing a sexy cop
uniform. (one line)
11 Girl in Bikinis 18‐35 gorgoues women in dressed in Bikinis. Need to be bikini type models and
willing to kiss and make out with a woman. Should come to audition with bikini
under there clothes
12 The mexican Hispanic man 60+ looking for a great face.Find me someone as old as you can
find(no lInes)



Be My Little Baby, Leader of the Pack, and River Deep, Mountain High. Courtney Sheets & Jay Joseph, dirs. Performances run in Sept. for 13 performances at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, NV (about 20 miles west of Las Vegas).
Seeking—Darlene Love: female, African-American, 20s-40s, narrator; Ellie Greenwich: female, Caucasian, 20s-40s; Chorus: males and females, flexible ages to play various roles.

Utah Paying Film-We need someone to play a cop You must fit in a size 10 or 12 shoe and 42 jacket and 32 to 34 inch waist.Male caucasian clean cut cop.Featured extra for 12 Dogs 125.00 a day.


So. Utah-Vegas
Neon Jungle Productions, in conjunction with Super Summer Theatre, is casting Leader of the Pack, a jukebox musical celebrating the life and career of songwriter Ellie Greenwich, and featuring the hit songs

Kids 8-10 women early 30’s
We are seeking actors for Got Milk! spec commercial.
Choreographed Fight Scene.
Talent Type: Young men and women in their 20s and early 30s.
Must have a flexible body.
Others Scenes.
Women – Age early 30
Children – Age 8 to 10


Dawn Graphic (prod.) is casting models for a runway shoot for a new clothing line. Producer states: “Models will need to demonstrate with our new designs while photographers will be snapping tons of still photos.” Dawn Voncramon, casting dir. Performances run April 21 & 22 in Los Angeles, CA.
Seeking—Models: male and female, 18-35, any ethnicity, to model new clothing line including casual home attire, bathing suits, dinner gowns, official suits and night gowns.

Email pix & contact info and that you are represented by Craze Agency Some pay, plus copy, credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided.

Utah Student Film
Student film auditions – “Intestinal Fortitude”
Auditions will be held at the SLCC South City Campus located at 1700 South and State Street in
SLC, UT. Enter the building from the west side and follow the signs.


Boise film
Watch Fire Pictures is producing a narrative short film with supporting roles for one adult female and one adult male, both 30s-early 40s. The film is about two critical days in the life of a young girl as she records the world around her with an empty film camera.
Film production will be scheduled over two consecutive weekends plus a few evenings in late April and early May, dates TBD


St. George-Good Craze client looking to do a golf photo shoot in the St. George area on either April 10th or 11th for a couple of hours around 5 p.m. I am looking for a male and a female that could pose as a couple golfing. The age I am looking for is the 40-60 range. Pay is $70 per model
If you fit the profile and are available.


Utah Talent/ Auditions/ SAG FILM!!!!!!!!!!
New Feature Film Casting in SLC
“The Boys at the Bar”
Character Breakdown:
Matthew, Good Improvisional skills- 25-35 years old. Dressed as if he’s backpacking through Europe on $5 a day. Caucasian, any hair color, no facial hair. Intelligent, average looking, great sense of humor. Can hold his own in an improvisational, comedic smack down of epic proportions.
Jenny, Good Improvisional skills- 28-37 years old. She’s “Maureen O’Hara” redhead gorgeous. She can hold her own with the most obnoxious of bar patrons, yet is big hearted and generous.
Rachel, Good Improvisional skills -23-29 years old. Her naturally black hair and startingly pale complexion, suggests she was born to be a Goth. She is “runway model” tall and lean. Although she doesn’t look as if she belongs with the regulars of the bar, she is clearly one of the family.
SAG Ultra Low Budget


Casting Duo & Shine America (previously Reveille Productions) in association with Oxygen Network are casting The Face, a new reality TV modeling competition series. Project description: “Seeking women who aspire to begin or have just begun a career in modeling. No experience necessary and all types are welcome to compete to become the face of a major national brand.” Casting across the U.S.
Seeking—Models: females, 18+, all ethnicities, 5’7″+, all types, must be legal U.S. resident.


Reno Modeling-Good pay!
Commercial Photo-Shoot Models Wanted
We are currently looking for NON-experienced OR experienced female and male models for a national retailer to model their fabrics for commercial photo-shoots.
Ages: 18-40.Sizes: All sizes are welcome!
Dates: We will work around your schedule.

LDS Casting is casting
for a Mormon Message. They are currently
looking to cast a Man and Woman who could play from late teens (about 17)
through about age 25. They need to be solid actors.
LDS members. The ideal shoot …dates are Dec. 6-10, but they may have to postpone until the beginning of
January. Great Pay

White Diamond Productions is casting Coming to America,-Six-month contract available-
Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV. Seeking— Dancers and Singers: males and females, 18+, clean-cut,
all-American looks, must be highly trained in ballet, jazz, and contemporary as
well as some light acting & singing. Auditions will be… held
Wednesday, Nov. 17,

We have a studio out of Boise, Idaho
that is interested in doing a Vintage Business stock video/photo shoot using
Male and Female Models ages 25-55. Non-speaking

Looking for Models with a Business
…look. Take a look at the below link to see an example of what the studio is
looking for.
The shoot will be the week of November
15. Exact time TBA
Pay for this shoot is $50 per

Wal-Mart Demos need Female Beauty Consultant, ages 25-55, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Colorado…
We have several Wal-Mart in-store events
Name: Wal-Mart Tech GM Beauty
Needed: Employee to perform
the role of a beauty consultant who: advises a targeted audience of women ages
30 to 50 on beauty/health & wellness products

Hair Show, Boise, Idaho
Looking for hair models for a
Professional hair color, cut and styling techniques demonstration hair show. There will be two model calls held simultaneously, color with cuts for
the morning demonstrations, and cuts, updos and styling techniques for the
afternoon session.

Craze Agency now casting Walmart Black Friday Event! Paying!!!!

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Craze Agency has an event coming up for Black Friday and is booking over 100 Walmart Stores

Craze Agency is looking for Hundreds of Promo Models, Talent and Demonstrators for our huge Walmart Event. Pay is $15-$20 per hour depending on job.
We are looking for people 18-50 in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Washington and Wyoming.
Craze Agency also books dozens of events each month.

Craze Agency books models, actors and extras! Craze Agency works on a commission basis. We value integrity, hard work and loyalty. We are licensed with all government bureaus.
A Rating and proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

To apply go to
or call us at 801-438-0067

Craze Agency is the foremost talent and modeling agency for actors, models and extras in the Intermountain region. Craze Agency is a PURE AGENCY, NOT a training center. There are no up-front fees required to be represented by us. We do not require you to take classes.


Casting calls and Auditions for Models, Actors and Extras!

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National Baby and Child Model Search offers monthly prizes,
talent agent exposure and a chance to win a year of representation with Ford
Campus Event, Male or Female ages 18-30, BOISE AND SPOKANE
… Below are details for a poster installer needed for a National Campus
Campaign for Sprint.
Male or Female age 18-30 needed.

Poster Install
Date: Needs to be completed between November 8th &
Pay Rate:
Poster Installer: $50 up to 100 posters

Arches National Park, Utah Seeking models for a commercial / print photo shoot / non union
Male / Female ages 20 – 45 All ethnicities
Description: You should be athletic (outdoorsy, not body builders),
good/interesting looking, energetic, have a lot of character, urban, hip,
…Surfers, mountain bikers, drivers, snowboarders is a plus but not a must.

Compensation: $300/per day Buyout

Casting Extras for, “The Letter Writer” Feature Film Produced and Directed by Christian Vuissa
for BYU TV
Low budget independent
Tentative shoot schedule: begin November 6, for 14 days
Filming in Utah County, Salt Lake County Pay TBD

Wyoming Holiday Mall Programs need Promo Models, Males and Females ages 18-40, Merrier
Shopping (Black Friday) means giving the shopper what they want and
when they want it.
On Black Friday,
that means offering retailer discounts, freebies, value added and a fun mall
…experience early in the morning! Paying

Casting for Returned Sister Missionaries for Photo Shoot, ages 22-25, Utah-LDS Casting is looking for recently returned Sister missionaries of all ethnicities, for a new brochure on dressing and grooming standards for sister missionaries. Modeling experience is a plus. Who: Women 22-25 years old, …all ethnicities, re…turned missionaries, sizes 0-16 They will choose 20 models paying

We have a client that is going to be in need of some Featured Talent for a
short marketing video for Novell. They are going to need a variety of Males and Females, ages from late 20’s
and up, any Ethnicity. This Wednesday, November 3- Friday, November 5
starting at 12:00pm and working into the evening in south Provo ea…ch day.

You can work all 3 days or any combo of days.
Pay is $90 per day!!

Boise-Auditions for Leaving Iowa December 12, 2 p.m. & December 13, at 7 p.m. in the
Needed- 3 Men, 3 Women, ages 25-50.
No preparation or appointment necessary.

Boise -Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
December 4th, 10:00am and December 7th at 7:30pm at

Craze Modeling and Talent Agency now interviewing for new faces in Idaho and Utah!

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Because of the influx of new opportunities, Craze Agency will be interviewing potential models, actors and extras of all ages for the next two weeks!

We are A rated members of the BBB! Established in 1999 and one of the top rated Agencies in the USA. Call 801-438-0067 Utah or 208-433-9511 Idaho.

Apply online at

Craze Modeling and Talent Agency now interviewing for new faces!

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We will be meeting new faces in Boise Idaho this Friday and sat. call us at 208-433-9511

We are now looking at new faces in Utah Actors, Models and Extras all ages 2 and up! 801-438-0067