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We love Walter! Pietro D’Alessio Executive Producer/Creator Proper ManorsCraze Agency Walter Platz

Just came back from the shoot with Luke Miller. I had a great time. He was super nice. Thanks so much!!! Mickey DexterCraze Agency

Thanks very much for the opportunity, I enjoyed the experience very much! Corina Monoran

“Troy is a fine agent, teacher and mentor. He is one of those agents who can be counted on and trusted always.” Alan Meyer2747128061164950300829jpg

Everyone was there and they did a great job. Shoot went well. Thanks for your help! Matt George


000000996701347378920Thank you. It was another fun shoot. Thank again, Jessica Reese


Thank you so much for this opportunity. Lisa Mish


Hello, We ended up using Emily Brown for a book trailer shoot. She did an excellent job. Thank you for sending her my way! Yelena Baykova1103801329065565


Thanks Troy. We used several of your actors for a short film I did in March. They were all great.  Glida Bothwell

 Hi Craze, Thanks for the support. Mark Berrier000001046001318284472


1154501351783220We thought Rachael and Lauren were great.  We really appreciate it. Shaun Bonk

I just finished the project in Rexburg!
Thank You,  Brandon Ganske


Zoe totally rocked the commercial yesterday!!! Thanks Craze Shelly DeWittDSC_0723

Dear Troy, Thank you so much for your fabulous Workshop yesterday. I found it incredibly informative and helpful. You have such a great way of making the information accessible and in inspiring confidence. I came away feeling assured that I can have success in the business and with the agency. I have been looking over my notes today and was impressed with the volume of tips and help that I now have available to me. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the class.

You really did a lovely job!

Thanks again and have a great day, Laura Daw

 Had a great time at the shoot today. Thanks for submitting me for it. Looking forward to more and more and more. Thanks again, Lance…Erica Walters

Arnie, I gratefully accept your offer  on your film and look forward to working on this project with you. Respectfully, Cory Gaylor

I’ve been represented by Craze Agency for 5 years now they have  been nothing but good for me and my career Thank You Craze for everything you’ve done for me and will keep doing. Joey Sanchez

Tatum LMy daughter Isabella signed with Craze when she was 4. She has booked 3 national commercials (Kaplan University, Foundation for a Better Life and Wal-Mart) and has done numerous modeling, Belgard Hardscapes, Pottery Barn Kids, etc. This is a great agency to be with, very professional, and opportunities come daily. Not all jobs available are right for my daughter, but I love that Craze makes that our choice. They are a no pressure agency. Craze works hard negotiating on our behalf, and we have only paid commissions from jobs booked through Craze. I would recommend them to anyone looking to start in this industry. Jessica Reese
My 5-year-old daughter has been with Craze Agency for about 6 months. She recently got two jobs; one with a stock photographer and the other with Pottery Barn Kids. Rosie and Troy have been very helpful with the process and very honest about what types of shots work and which don’t, in terms of promoting my daughter on their web site. It’s still relatively new but, I would recommend Craze Agency.  Kendall Lucrich
It was a lot of fun working as an extra for a couple of days on Granite Flats. The Vineyard Production crew and Utah Extra’s staff are awesome! 🙂 Thanks Craze Robbi Kindt
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Thanks Craze Agency for your support and direction in my acting adventures. Alan Meyer
Thank you Craze for making my recent auditions ROCK! Ashton Blair

Had a great time filming this shoot! Thank you, Jeremy Kopp

 Everyone was great and on time. Thanks again for all your help for this last minute shoot. We are NLP_0302going to do another shoot early summer and spoke to a couple of the models to come back for a normal shoot. Thanks again…Rosie Doke

 Thanks again for all your help! You’re STILL the beat agency in town!! Marty Spradlin


Alea had a great time on the Cosmic shoot!Thanks, Cj Pindat


You are Awesome! I will be there! For sure! Keaton Jolley

I SERIOUSLY appreciate the help in getting my casting calls out to your actors!!!! CRAZE Agency is CRAZY GOOD!!!!
Jessica M. Diekmann
I know all about Craze Agency and you guys rock! Malan Technologies
Thanks for the models. They were awesome.
Lena did a very professional work, and Brad was very friendly.
 Vanessa Menacho
Your Budget Auto Sales

Thank you so much for your help on this project! You guys also represent me and I have loved working with you over the years!! Thank you, Autumn Gehring

Thanks for all the great news! Thanks again, Richard Dean

David was stellar! He was very professional and did a great job. We were able to give him little direction and he ran well with it. Spencer Bagley,  MCCAN Worldwide

I really appreciate your help. Thanks,  Manning Photography

If Lena Benitez is available for any of the dates that would be great. The field manager stated that she was awesome!  Corina Kanwischer

Yes, we had a great day thanks for your help. We will be in touch, Melina Harr, Usana

Our audition went well. We got some future people we will definitely use. I want to book Anne Forester now. We have some advanced videos that we think she will be perfect for. Thanks. Tyler Haskell, President Learning English Live LLC

So glad to hear the models had a good experience last week doing the Pottery Barn shoots. The crew had a great time too! Thanks, Sara WSGC

I had a blast at the Frito Lay Event! I look forward to future events. Trina Eiselstein

Randal did great…would use him again if the opportunity arises. Ryan Sagers Vice President Campus Operations AMERITECH COLLEGE

Thanks for reaching out. We use Craze quite often and have been very happy. My best, Russ KALEIDOSCOPE PICTURES

I got the part of DEAN SUSIE. Wow this is going to be so fun!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Donna Knapple

We are so excited. They are great! She really showed a lot of personality, and I am so glad we had a good day. That photographer is good with kids. T. Bowen

We would like to offer a part to one of your actresses, Lauren Wright. Thanks again for auditioning. We were impressed with your performance, and look forward to working with you! The Producers Professor Arnie Ytreeide, Chair

The shoot went awesome with Banessa and her Husband! I loved working with Amanda P. Just an FYI… also all the models did AWESOME! Your models rocked it! Luke Miller

As usual all went well yesterday. Thanks, Andy W.

I would like to work with Krystal Ochsenbein. I also want to shoot again with Emma Salzetti. At this point I have every intention on using many people from your agency as much as possible, as I have been very impressed with both your work and theirs. Alan Poulsen

Everyone was fantastic today – it was a great team effort! Again thanks to all I think we are moving these commercials to a higher level. Gilbert, FV Group

Thank you for sending your talent to audition for the New Testament project. Thank you for your continual support of LDS   Media Service productions! Best Regards, Alisa Anglesey, Media Services Department Casting LDS Motion Picture Studio

We have been seeing a lot of people from Craze so thank-you for sending them! We will let you know about callbacks. Brooke Harris, Omissions Casting Director

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the jobs that you booked for me. I had a ton of fun doing them! Jeannine McGlothlin

The various Sams Club events that your talent worked went well! Thank you for your good work. Le Chef Costumier

I really appreciate the professionalism of your girls. Every one has been early and ready to go. Well prepared, and fun. Krystal and Emma were awesome. Thank you so much. I will get some names and dates to you shortly for some more shoots. Poulsens Photography

Thank you for all you do, and for your expertise in this profession! Sincerely, Ben Cummins LDS Casting

I’m really excited for this job. Thanks so much! Nisha B.

Rich did a great job on Wednesday. Thanks Again. Learning English Live

I loved working with Amanda Prescott!!! Luke Miller

Thank you so much for help this afternoon. We so enjoyed meeting some of the Talent you have there. I am looking forward to using many of them in the future. I need to book 4 models immediatly. Alan Poulsen

Thanks so much Craze! I am very excited for this! Krystal Ochsenbein

Aiden filmed his part in 17 Miracles and auditioned for the B.A.C.A. New York Style Fashion Show and Shoot. He had fun…Thanks for everything. Laura Beagley

Thank you so much for all you do Craze. Nikki S.Sabita showed up on time to the shoot last night and I photographed her for two hours. She was really an excellent model, and very pleasant to work with. Thanks Again Justinen Creative Group

Everything went really well at the Sundance project. Thanks Hunter PR

Hi Craze Agency, Thank you for working with me, I feel like I learned so much and want to learn more.Candie Crandall-Collier

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you for working so hard for the talent. Marie Thompson

Thank you Michael. You are always so easy to work with and always provide us with staff that gets the job done right the first time. We are excited for your growing business. Best, Marie

I got the part of a CIA agent in the film, The Masonic Map the movie is so fun! Thanks For Everything, Nicole Froerer

CRAZE AGENCY, THANK YOU SO MUCH! As of today, this is who I have cast all from Craze: Vaughn Odenbrett, Barbara Reyes, Carolyn Koskan, Doug Brinton , Ricky Dyson, Lyn Vickery, Yvonne Churchill, Walter Platz, Rand Briem, Kevin Hoagland, Melaine Mallory, Grant and David Carsten and their mom, Cheryl Dejno and Rich Teraci ! Misty- Christian Filmakers

You are Awesome – much thanks for pulling this together! Michael Schoenfeld

Thanks Michael, they all did very well… Storyline Films

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity that you allowed me to have last night at the Black Friday Event at the Wal-Mart. I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my time taking part in this adventure. Sincerely, Shellilyn Weese

Thank you for all the work you do that gives us the opportunitys we have from Craze. Dean Kesler

Jessy came in and shot and it all went well. Thanks again for another great shoot! T.H. President Learning English Live LLC

The event went really well and I had a ton of fun with Susana. Thanks for booking me the job! Amy Pettit

Craze Agency has been awesome to work with. It ha been a great way to make a lot of extra money. The Mask of Redemption film provided enough money to buy our plane fares to leave on a cruise. We love traveling! Thanks again! David and Judy Denney

Your Agency is the BEST! Ms.Smith Nation Wide Models

Kayla was amazing! She is so incredible. You really have a talent on your hands. Brenda Upright -Snapped

I just love Craze Agency! Sheridan Patch

All your folks were great. Travis was the best. Thanks! Greg Green 3 of a Kind

Thanks so much for giving me a wide range of talent to look through. I will add them to our talent pool for all future projects. Thanks. Alan Silva

My names is Cameron Asay and I am the Casting Director for a BYU film this fall entitled Karl Driscoll. I have heard wonderful things about your agency and would love to invite any actors available to attend our first casting session This Thursday. Thank-you for your time!

Thank you as always for all that you do for us. Laura Beagley for Aiden Beagley

What talented actress you have! I would like to see more. Jon Oliver

Everything went really well. The girls were all good sports and did excellent work. Mike Fast Forward Prod.

I went to the Photo job. It was awesome! Thanks, Roma S. I just wanted to let you know that the photo shoot with the Childrens Miracle network went great and all of my kids had a lot of fun. Thanks Angie Abilla Thank you for your support of our production! We appreciate your help greatly and look forward to meeting your talent. Steve Greene, Casting Thank you so much for all the great talent. Jenirae Reynolds Editor, Fifty Films All of your talent did an A plus effort. Thanks much for your help. Encore Nationwide

Thanks again for sending all the emails and casting calls. Adam Hatfield This looks great, thanks so much. I will get back to you concerning callbacks Brandon Habermeyer Casting Director

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